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granite water feature floating ball water fountain

Ball water feature, Granite sphere fountain, Ball fountain

Factory owner Granite ball water feature, Granite sphere fountain, Floating ball, Granite balls and Marble ball fountain.

Granite Floating Ball Fountain, Granite Sphere Ball fountains …

ItalArtWorld -online store for Granite ball Fountains Rolling marble balls in a marble pedestal water pump presure and beautiful Granite ball Fountain spinning from www.italartworld.com.

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Top Stone specializes in creating Rolling Sphere Fountains, … Stone Water Features … Medical centers are installing floating ball fountains in meditation areas …

Floating Ball Fountains – Granite Carvings

Floating Ball Fountains consist of a precisely machined and polished solid granite sphere resting on a granite base with a precisely machined socket. Water is pumped up through the base at 12-20 psi, causing the ball to "float" and gently rotate.

Top Stone: Sphere Fountains – Sculpted Rock Base

Sphere Fountains – Sculpted Rock Base. … Granite Ball Water Feature: … Water Ball Fountain: RyanSC – Floating Granite Ball Fountain:

Floating Sphere (Kugel ball fountain) from the market leader …

ball fountain & floating objects. Spheres and object of many tons weight float with minimal water pressure weightlessly on ultra-thin films of water.

Installation FAQ:

1.Professional installation drawing.

2.All kinds of solving plans for installation.

3.Providing pre-installed videos and photos before delivery.

4.Excellent installation team, experienced abroad installation.


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